Thursday, 3 March 2016

Tokyo ESP Review

Okay, I know that this isn't exactly my thing when it comes to anime. I have recently started to get into it and have so far completed a few anime's. And recently I have just finished an anime called Tokyo ESP which is actually extremely good all together, but considering I haven't posted in a while, why not just do a review on it? ENJOY!

The Plot

Rinka Urushiba is a poor high school girl whose only family is her father, Rindo, who has taught her self-defense. She works after school to help pay bills and put food on the table and she isn't ashamed to take advantage of anything to improve their situation. 

One day she sees a school of flying, glowing fish in the sky and a penguin flying through the sky after them. Rinka thinks these are hallucinations until someone else says they see them, too. One of the glowing fish flies into Rinka's body and she passes out. When Rinka awakes, she finds herself with white hair and the ability to phase through inanimate objects. Rinka meets another high school student named Kyotaro Azuma who has the power to teleport anywhere he can visualize. 

Both Rinka and Kyotaro are now beings called espers, people, or animals, that have come into contact with the glowing fish and gained super powers. Kyotaro convinces Rinka to become heroes together to fight the espers who are abusing their powers to do evil things.

Altogether a very interesting and creative plot, sure it may cause a bit of a headache to people that get lost extremely easily but that's beside the point.


In all honesty, I don't know why this anime got so many bad reviews. I particularly didn't exactly have any negative opinions about it but considering I'm not an anime expert myself, my opinion's are probably very out of line to all of you weeaboo trash.

All in all, I actually really liked this anime! The characters were well written and of course, you got your OTP's like Rinka Urushiba x Kyotaro Azuma and Murasaki x Ayumu etc. I also particularly like this style of anime, I don't really know why but it just appeals to me lmao.

I didn't have a problem with this 12 episode starter anime, I actually found it pretty interesting but that's just my opinions. I suggest you should check it out because I personally enjoyed it, but again if your not one for random things, (flying fish and talking penguins and pandas), I suggest you back away from this beautiful yet slightly odd anime.